1969 69 Cougar Hood Stripe

These reproduction 1969 Cougar hood stripes are licensed reproductions made in our factory in Virgnia. This decal features the correct Cougar head logo and many engine name options. Originally created for CJ 428 cars, we now offer a wide variety of custom options and can create special order stripes as well.

These 69 Cougar hood stripes are currently available in the following stripe and head color combinations: black with silver, black with white, silver with black, silver with white, white with black, and white with silver. The cougar head emblems are printed on in your color choice. You may also choose to have this stripe without the Cougar head.

We also offer the following logos: CJ 428, 428, CJ 351, 351, 351 W, BOSS 302, 302, or a solid "nameless" stripe in place of the engine logo. The engine logo is cut out of the vinyl, allowing the paint to show through.

In addition to the original style short stripe, designed for 1969 Cougars with hood scoops, we also offer a longer full hood length stripe for Cougars without hood scoops.

Custom Boss 302 - Silver w/ Black
1969 69 Cougar CJ 351 Hood Stripe Silver with White Cougar Head
CJ 351 - Silver w/ White
1969 69 Cougar 351 Hood Stripe White with Silver Cougar Head
351 - White w/ Silver
1969 69 Cougar Hood Stripe White with Black Cougar Head
Nameless - White w/ Black
1969 69 Cougar 351W Hood Stripe Black with White Cougar Head
351W - Black w/ White
1969 69 Cougar CJ 428 Hood Stripe
CJ 428 - Black w/ Silver
1969 69 Cougar Hood Stripe - Full Length No Hood Scoop 
full length - for no hood scoop
Stripe Length
Color Combination
Engine Logo
starting at $52.00 each

1969 69 Cougar Hood Stripe with Cougar Head

Not interested in one of the 144 possible combinations available for purchase online? No problem!

Call or e-mail us to have a custom color combination or logo created for the hood stripe on your 1969 Cougar.

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