1964-1972 LeMans GTO Seat Heaters

Our 64-72 LeMans & GTO seat heater kits are made to fit discretely in your LeMans or GTO, providing comfortable heat without appearing non-original. Each 1964-1972 LeMans GTO seat heater comes with 2 carbon fiber pads, a switch (which can be placed on a dash, console, or hidden in a place of your choosing), and the required harnesses. Installation is easy in any style seat, and prices start at just $61.99


These seat heaters fit:
1964 LeMans/GTO 1965 LeMans/GTO 1966 LeMans/GTO
1967 LeMans/GTO 1968 LeMans/GTO 1969 LeMans/GTO
1970 LeMans/GTO 1971 LeMans/GTO 1972 LeMans/GTO

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