1963 63 Impala Standard Door Panels

These 1963 Impala door panels are accurate reproductions made to replace your factory originals. They are created using Chevrolet originals as patterns, and with correct Seville grain vinyl & autoboard backing. They also feature the correct heat sealed horizatonal pattern and rectangular design, and "crushed ice" grain vinyl bottoms as original.

This allows us to offer the best 63 Impala door panels available on the market. These are the perfect door panels to complete the restoration of your 1963 Impala with a standard interior.

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click to enlarge - rear quarter panels
Available Options
Please note that these are non-assembled - door
panel buttons, moldings and metal top-rail are not
included. They do include extra material at the top
 to wrap around your original metal top-rail. Other
original hardware (buttons, etc...) can also be used
on your new panel.

Pre-assembled panels are currently available
at a higher price by phone or e-mail only.

The color choices include black, light aqua,
medium blue, red, saddle, and white.

These front door panels and rear quarter panels
are available for coupe/hardtop and convertible vehicles.
You may choose to purchase:

a complete set $339.00, front door panels
only $209.00, or rear quarter panels only $139.00.

a complete set $399.00, front door panels
only $209.00, or rear quarter panels only $205.00.

for special order colors or materials,
please call

If you are not sure which color you would
like we will mail you samples for free.

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