Automotive Headliner Material For Sale By The Yard

Moon crater headliner material for sale by the yard

Tier grain headliner material for sale by the yard

We now offer uncut and unsewn automotive headliner vinyl material by the yard. Both moon crater and tier grain materials are available. This headlining fabric is perfect for recovering sail panels or sunvisors of your car or truck. Or you can use it to have a custom headliner made for a pattern we do not offer.

We offer both moon crater headliner material and tier grain headliner material by the yard. Many color options are available including black, white, off-white, red, dark red, maroon, light blue, medium blue, dark blue, metallic blue, parchment, light grey, tan, ginger, dark brown, chamois, and dark green.

Headliner vinyls are in stock and can ship same or next day.
$28.00 / linear yard

Our headlining material rolls are at least 54" wide (some variance, up to 55" wide).

One linear yard = 36" x 54"

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Moon Crater Headlining Color Options        Tier Grain Headlining Color Options