1976 76 Gran Torino Brougham Bench Seat Upholstery

Our 1976 Gran Torino Brougham bench seat upholstery patterns were created using Ford originals and are sewn using high quality Corinthian grain material and Ruffino grain inserts with vertical patterns sewn as original. This seat is an accurate reproduction made to replace your original upholstery.

This allows us to offer the best 1976 Gran Torino Brougham upholstery available on the market. This is the perfect seat kit to complete the restoration of your 1976 Gran Torino Brougham with a bench interior.

1976 Gran Torino Brougham Upholstery Color Chart
If you are not sure which
color you would like we
will mail you samples
for free.
Body Style

The color choices include black, blue,
ginger, maroon, green,and white.

Seat kits are available for hard top vehicles
only. You may choose to purchase a complete
set $599.30
, front bench only $413.30, or rear
seat only $305.30

1976 Gran Torino Brougham Upholstery

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